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Max Romeo - One Step (Matty G Remix)

Social Distance From People With Mental Disorders

Mens sana in corpore sano.

Although that may sound like someone’s poorly balancing between English and Finnish, they’re actually some famous wise Latin words from the past.

♚ In my opinion, dubstep’s going on the same shitty revolution hip hop did in the 90’s. On summer 2008 DJ Hereill shared an amazing free mixtape full of goodness like this. Grab it if you still haven’t.

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  • MikeTk

    first one is one of the finest pictures I have seen the whole week, and I'm in amsterdam..

  • Ttt

    totally agree your opinion about dubstep.
    pictures here are just ok. last one is the best.
    and bit more grain whould be nice. thankyou.

  • Jere

    MK: Thanks! And have damn fun in Dam!

    TTT: Yep, new dupstep's shit. Grain instead is shithot.