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Ratatat - Mi Viejo

A Result Of A Restless Night

A few weeks back on Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30am. i tried and tried to fall asleep again, but after a while I just gave up and went out to take some photos.

It was a rather good morning walk, but as there was absolutely no one outside that early, I had to acquiesce on shooting birds.

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  • mmm

    Kaunista. Elsakin tykkää varmasti. love u.

  • pokemon

    oh, ovat tosi kauniita!! hyvä rakas!!

  • pokemon

    hihi, mmm kin arvasi .............. :)

  • Jere

    Bueeno siskot♥

  • jose antonio rodríguez

    Me encanta esta serie, muy bien trenzada una foto con otra y con abstracción que me encanta.

  • Jere

    ¡Muchas gracias Jose!