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Gracias - Night Shift (DJ Kridlokk remix)


in Barcelona

It’s been amazing year and half in Barcelona, but tomorrow I’m leaving it all behind by starting a road trip towards Berlin and its wonders. Psyched.

▐ A piece of really good Finnish Hip Hop. The video’s great too.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your great photos this year. I hope your blog will continue from berlin, Jere...

  • Gil

    Like the photo!! Enjoy the trip!

    Glad you've enjoyed Barcelona ;-)

  • Jere

    ANON: Thank you! I intend to continue stronger than ever, so no worries!

    GIL: Thanks! The trip was wonderful! But more on that later. I love Barcelona an will visit there again soon.

  • spanish learning course

    Barcelona is a great city to stay in. I went some months ago to learn Spanish at BCNLanguages and I had so much fun there! :) Nice photo of the post!