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CocoRosie - We Are On Fire

Barcelona's On Fire

in Barcelona

Marc, one of the Barcelona’s finests.

I’ve been rebuilding Hellojere from scratch with Rails for quite some time now. It’s live now and you’re reading it.

Layout remains the same with some fine tuning all around. The player’s way smarter, and along with the old Youtube API, it now works with the SoundCloud API too. Wicked, right?

I wont go through all the changes, but it’s probably worth mentioning, that you can now navigate through the posts by clicking the links on the bottom corners or simply using the left and right arrow keys ◄ ►.

There’s also some extra API’s in use behind the know me link. I still need to update the wording there though.

◉ Brand new Cocorosie published earlier today. How good are these sisters?

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  • julius


  • Best of Sisters

    Loves the arrows!

  • Gil

    Good change! The arrows is something i've missed since my first appear here. Congrats!

    BTW: nice song :D

  • Jere

    Thanks everyone!
    And GIL: I really like the song too!

Marc, one of the Barcelona's finests