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OSC - Fallen Angel

Disordered Crowd

Earlier this week I arrived to London again, planning to stay here for the whole summer. Shit hot.

Anyway, back home I remember loosing my nerves every time I was surrounded by strangers, but for some reason it’s always the direct opposite here.

p.s. The song is a superb reggae/dubstep tune from the WAR 12" series, click click.

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  • Jarkki

    Hi there London! Couldn't agree more on the subject of being surrounded by strangers. Now it only seems that Hullut Päivät just isn't enough anymore. P.s the kid picture is nice yet somehow very scary.

  • Jere

    Hi there Jusso! Sorry about not making to your home coming party...hope to see u soon! And thanks!

  • Olivier Rault

    Great BW shots, it's beautiful, well done !
    My vote for you on coolphotoblog. Bravo from France.