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Junior Boys - You'll Improve Me

Improving Each Other

From time to time living together as one can be laborious, but if the coalescence really improves yourself, you’re hooked amazingly tightly.

Double exposure with my favourite bankruptcy machine, the 40 year old Polaroid 350.

♆ This is amazing. Brand new album coming out from Junior Boys on July 4th, but one can already listen to it as whole through Hype Machine. And yes, it is good.

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  • Jarkki

    Tää on Jere ihan huikee. Ihan ehdoton suosikkini. Pidän erityisen paljon tummasta ja mieleen tulevasta Huuto-viittauksesta. Konkurssikone tai ei - sää osaat tehdä taikoja sillä.

  • Jere

    Nöyrä kiitos!