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augustus pablo - memories of the ghetto

Memories In BW

It’s been a while since I enjoyed of the Hellojere myself. Mainly because there’s been days I knew the shots were too bad to publish, and days when I wanted to post more than just one photo of the same subject. This wasn’t really possible under the original concept of Hellojere, so I decided to create something that’ll meet my own needs better.

Originally I wanted Hellojere to be a daily photo blog, concentrating strictly on the fine art of street photography. Unfortunately my lifestyle has changed, and it’s impossible to find the same amount of time I used to spend outside teasing people with my camera.

In the future Hellojere is richer in many ways. There’s photos from all the areas of photography, posts containing more than one shot at a time, and the music player is way more sophisticated and reliable.

After all the changes I still wanted to keep everything in control, so all the posts are now tagged and organized better. You can access the filter methods from the homepage.

If you ever miss a butterfly or anything from the old site, you can still access it by going to

Here’s a few of my personal favorite B&W shots from the past year.

Have fun!

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  • Juuso

    Hi. Boy this balloon picture is good, one of my all time favourites. On the new consept of hellojere; I have to say that it sounds like a smart move because of the time constraints. All the best.

  • Jere

    Hi Boy! All the best for you too. Waiting for you to come home already.