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Joker - The Vision (feat. Jessie Ware)

One Scouting Pair of Eyes Less

For quite some time I witnessed the very same birds we saw on the last post growing up day after day, and because of their exceptional collaborations in scouting, I was pretty sure they’d become something quite revolutionary in the world of birds one day.

Now, a few days later, the other one has clearly stopped its process of being part of this revolution by his, or hers, cataclysmic failure on affronting a car.

★ After hearing this new track of Joker, I actually thought there’s still some hope left in the evolution of dubstep, but unfortunately the final version came out with rather typical nowadays crap vocals. Shit.

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  • anu

    tämä on täydellinen kuva, kuin valmis kehyksiin ja seinälle (jollei siinä olis kuitenkaan noin surullinen asia)...

  • Jere