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Springlike Mind

Such a good weekend behind, that I’m actually a bit amazed how well we did under this slushy darkness. From today on there’s more light than dark hours in a day, so I guess we survived the winter after all. And next week it’s time for a little trip to London, hooray! Hopefully the weather is even more springlike over there.

I spent hours today just wondering around Flickr, which is probably the biggest image hosting site there is. Unfortunately it’s normally a quite pain in the ass to use, so after finding The Fittr, a Chrome extension that adds more functions to Flickr, I just couldn’t resist mentioning it here.

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  • juuso


    Hi are you and your new tool getting along? Agree totally on Flickr. I don't know if you've noticed but there are few really good b&w- and film+developer-groups there. Check it out. Tons of cool experimental stuff with different films. Take care.

  • Jere


    We're getting along great I think, although I've been a bit busy with trying to finish the school again... I believe I've found them already, too bad we're not sharing the ideas now, when you're so far away. Take care man!