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Titiyo & Moto Boy - If Only Your Bed Could Cry

If My Tooth Could Cry

My second last wisdom tooth was removed earlier today, wherefore I’m still bleeding after more than 5 hours of biting a piece of medical textile. During this staunch the bleeding operation I gathered this set from my left overs.

I do enjoy listening to variety of music genres, and this probably goes to the very end of some corner in it, but I can’t help it as Moto Boy is just great in every way. You can download his latest album totally free and legally from here.

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  • kinkku

    motooooooooo deep in my heart

  • pokemon

    mulla kyllä maailman paras veli! on ikävä!! sano sun aukolle, että ellei lakkaa vuotamasta niin tulen ja potkasen!

  • Jere

    Lakkasihan se!